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since 1936

We invite you to have a look around our website! Here at F. Arthur Uebel, our aim is to always produce instruments that not only inspire you the player, but also your audience. In order to achieve this goal, we have merged valuable traditions of clarinet making with ultra-modern, innovative manufacturing processes to create a symphony of handcrafted perfection.
Since 1936, the name F. Arthur Uebel has stood for the finest clarinet making art. The masterful precision with which the numerous individual parts are still manufactured today – using the German and French fingering systems – will inspire you to reach new musical heights. Ergonomics, excellent intonation and the inimitable tonal beauty of our instruments is standard throughout the whole line-up, including our beginner clarinets.
The types of wood we use – Grenadilla and Mopane – are the soul of our instruments! We are proud of our uncompromised, natural drying process, which has a decisive influence on the special sound of our clarinets. With every F. Arthur Uebel clarinet, we are committed to the highest level of perfection and setting new standards in clarinet making.
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»World renowned traditional sound«
F. Arthur Uebel has influenced the development of German system clarinets like no other manufacturer. With the spirit of innovation, a high level of knowledge, and the most modern production methods, it is our mission to continue to set new standards in instrument making.


»German craftsmanship with French fingering«
F. Arthur Uebel presents new Boehm system models, with sound, response, intonation and ergonomics that will convince even the most demanding clarinettist. Be inspired by our wide range of Boehm instruments in different wood types!
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»The many faces of the Uebel clarinet family«
F. Arthur Uebel offers instruments that will inspire you far beyond the usual types of clarinets. We build special children's clarinets, models for musicians with small hands, bass and basset clarinets as well as models with covered keys and G clarinets. You will be surprised!
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Our types of wood are the soul of our instruments and, together with our unique bores, determine the special F. Arthur Uebel sound. We completely dispense with artificial drying processes for Grenadilla and Mopane. Our wood is seasoned for at least seven years before they are sent for further processing.

Did you know that we offer a five-year guarantee against cracks in the wood?
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Uebel clarinet innovation
F. Arthur Uebel worked closely with the Berlin "old master" Oskar Oehler and perfected the production of German clarinets in the Oehler system. Since the foundation of his workshop in 1936, he designed improvements to the key mechanism that have had a decisive influence on the development of Uebel clarinets. Today, we continue this innovative spirit with our ultra-modern manufacturing methods and a wide range of key mechanism variants.
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Uebel clarinet superior plateau
Our ergonomic key design will inspire you. It is already a matter of course for us that all clarinet models,  from our beginner to our top professional models, have the same comfortable, ergonomic keywork. This is constantly being refined and can be seen in our popular, special models: Bb-621KH for small hands, the children’s C-611 model, and the more recent professional Superior Bb-Plateau (covered hole) model. All are made possible thanks to our continual work with musicians and their listening to their feedback.

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Mazel tov Giora Feidman!
Birthday Concert on ZDF television

The "King of Klezmer" celebrates his 85th birthday together with top stars like Anne-Sophie Mutter, Lang Lang or Avi Avital as well as with music from classical to tango and pop - and of course klezmer. Have fun watching!
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